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Scott Larsen has been in the Real Estate and Real Estate Finance business combined for over 25 years (A licensed Real Estate Agent since 2005) and a resident of The Malad Valley since 2000. A Graduate of Brigham Young University in 1982. Since that time, Scott has been involved in Sales and Marketing in several different fields and for most of that time owned his own businesses, totaling close to 35 years. Scott is an outdoorsman and spends most of his free time in the mountains and valleys practicing Falconry, which is the sport of taking wild quarry with a trained raptor. He specializes in Long Wing Falcons, such as our native Peregrine Falcon and Prairie Falcon and the arctic Gyrfalcon. Scott is a family man. He has a wife and 5 children, ages 15 to 35 and has 5 grandchildren!
From Scott himself:
“I have spent my entire adult life specializing in Sales and Marketing and with that comes a natural role for me, which is to build personal relationships and bring people together to make mutually beneficial deals happen. After spending a number of years working directly with Real Estate Agents in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming, in an effort to get their clients financed to buy real estate, I decided there was a place for me here in The Malad Valley to make Real Estate Deals happen locally, but from the position of Real Estate Agent, rather than from a mortgage standpoint.” Few in the valley know the Land around here much better than I do. Nobody in this industry knows residential property better than I do! I was a General Building Contractor for many years, so I have a thorough working knowledge of home construction and quality. Also, from my mortgage experience I have a full understanding of Title issues, Appraisals and of how to make sure a buyer is well qualified to make an offer that will actually stand! There are so many people that could be buyers that just don’t know it and I know where to direct them for an appropriate lender that can handle their particular needs. I also have a full working knowledge of the land here in Oneida County, with regard to the land itself, its uses, its value and how to find qualified buyers for it! If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, a ranch, a lot or bare land, whether farmland, ranchland or recreational use land, let me help you make your deal come together in a way that is mutually beneficial for you and for the other parties involved in the transaction!”

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